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Through my Lens

Welcome to cultureonthecouch.com, the website that analyzes culture from art to politics, and beyond.
My goal is for Culture On The Couch to be an electrifying platform for interviews featuring articulate, far-sighted, inspiring people. I launched this site in April, 2008, not knowing a thing about the wonder and purpose of the web. At the time, I had posted two exhausting pieces on politics showcasing my passion and a naked, depressing analysis of society.
Then I gave it to 3 people.
The responses were full-bodied, with spicy notes and an irritable
“Uninviting!” my mother's cousin, a once-literary agent, barked. “Get rid of the black!”
My aunt, whose late husband was a renowned New York book publisher, said she loved the design, but admonished me for not being sunny. “You must be optimistic, hopeful, and cheery!”
She went on to remind me that what I offer as a therapist is hope.
Apparently, I had used it all up at the office.
The third “critic” is my very successful New York artist friend who simply never responded about it. (In his defense, he was getting ready for a significant show of his own work).
If there's one thing an offering of personal vision never guarantees, it is popularity. And popularity, as we just might discover, is no guarantee of what is real or worthwhile.
I may not be an internet expert, but you can count on my knowing when topics and events demand our attention.
Striking an undaunted, cheerier pose, I give you Culture on the Couch.


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